Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fandom & Pairing List *in progress*

Okay. I'm not organizing these by importance, etc. I'm going to group them by genre, so comics, tv show, movie, books.

I follow the 'traditional' slash pairing formula, so the 'dominant' partner is listed first, followed by the 'submissive' partner. But even those terms are misleading if people aren't familiar with slash, I guess. I don't mean them in the BDSM sense of the terms. It's just used to denote which partner I personally prefer to read as doing the penetrating, and which the receiving in a sexual situation. Though I guess that doesn't apply in het pairings or femslash. In which case the first person listed is the person I prefer to be the aggressor in sexual situations. The order loses meaning or importance in a fic that doesn't depict sex. In that case it would just be a matter of habit as to which would be listed first. And I do read/write with those characters switched. It's a matter of preference, nothing more. But anyway.

I'll list the title of the show, then 'my' character and then the pairings I like for that show. Some of them may be multiples.

Batman: Tim Drake - Kon-El/Tim, Dick/Tim, Jason/Tim, Bruce/Tim, Lex/Tim, Ra's/Tim and Shiva/Tim (this is a het pairing)
Iron Man: Tony Stark - Steve/Tony
Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki - Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Naruto, Neji/Naruto
Pet Shop of Horrors: Leon - D/Leon
DragonBallZ: Son Gohan - Piccolo/Gohan (*after* he grows up.)
Earthian: Chihaya - Kagetsuya/Chihaya
Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama - Hiei/Kurama
Inu-Yasha: Inu-Yasha - Miroku/Inu-Yasha, Sesshoumaru/Inu-Yasha
Fushigi Yuugi: Tasuki - Chichiri/Tasuki
Cable & Deadpool - Deadpool - Cable/Deadpool

Dresden Files - John Marcone - Marcone/Harry (though I have read and enjoyed some Thomas/Harry and Michael/Harry. But those are the exceptions. My pairing is Marcone/Harry.)
Anita Blake - Larry Kirkland - Asher/Larry, Jason/Larry, Rafael/Larry, Jean-Claude/Larry, Zane/Larry
The Hollows - Rachel Morgan - Ivy/Rachel, Trent/Rachel
Outlander - Lord John Grey - Jamie/Lord John
Good Omens - Crowley! - Aziraphale/Crowley
Vampire Chronicles - Daniel - Armand/Daniel

From Paris With Love: Reese - Charlie/Reese
A-Team: Face - Hannibal/Face, Mudock/Face, BA/Face and HBAMF (which is all four of the boys in a pile)
Losers: Jensen - Cougar/Jensen, Clay/Jensen
Fast & Furious (franchise): Brian - Dom/Brian
Inception - Arthur - Eames/Arthur, Cobb/Arthur, Saito/Arthur (but my OTP is Eames/Arthur)
Star Wars - Obi-Wan - Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
LotR - Legolas - Aragorn/Legolas, Gimli/Legola
PotC - Will - Jack/Will
Live Free or Die Hard - Matt - McClane/Matt
Sherlock Holmes - Watson - Sherlock/Watson

TV Shows
Original Trek - Spock - Spock/Kirk
DS9 - Bashir - Garak/Bashir
Voyager - Paris - Chakotay/Paris
dueSouth - Ray K - Fraser/Ray K
The Sentinel - Blair - Jim/Blair
CSI:NY - Danny - Mac/Danny
Merlin - Merlin - Arthur/Merlin
Supernatural - Dean - oh, dear god, where do I start? Sam/Dean, Cas/Dean, Gabriel/Sam, Gabriel/Dean, actually, here: this is easier Sam/Cas/Gabriel/Crowley/Balthazar/Lucifer/Michael/Dean take any of those names and combine them in pretty much any order. That. I will read that. Though my personal favorites are Cas/Dean and Gabriel/Sam.
Smallville - Lex (which explains why my love of this show has deteriorated...) - Lex/Clark (though if you people would give me a Bruce Wayne/Batman character I could do that too!)
CSI:M - Ryan - Horatio/Ryan, Eric/Ryan
Leverage - Eliot - Nate/Eliot, Hardison/Eliot, Hardison/Eliot/Parker
Hercules - Iolaus - Herc/Iolaus
Highlander - Richie - Methos/Richie, Mac/Richie
Xena - Gabrielle - Xena/Gabrielle
Buffy - Willow - take a girl, put her with Willow. There ya be. Though I'm partial to Buffy/Willow more than other pairings.
White Collar - Neal Caffrey - Peter/Neal or Peter/Neal/Elizabeth
Torchwood - Ianto - Jack/Ianto
Pysch - Shawn - Lassiter/Shawn
Warehouse 13 - Pete - Myka/HG Wells
Eureka - Carter - Stark/Carter
Blood Ties - Mike - Henry/Mike
NCIS - Tony - Gibbs/Tony
Stargate - Daniel - Jack/Daniel
Stargate Atlantis - Sheppard - McKay/Sheppard



    and yes Jack and Yanto...HOT

  2. YES! Kurama is still one of the most wonderful characters out there! I *love* Youko Kurama too, even though he's so much less friendly than human Kurama...

    Oh, yeah. The Jack/Ianto is steaming. Mmm....naked hide and go seek....*cuddles the visual* DAMN YOU RTD! DAMN YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HBAMF makes me giggle. And also sounds like something that might be a pitch for an adult film version of A-Team. :D Do people write a lot of that?

    Is The Losers watchable if Supernatural and Dark Knight are about the top limits of how much violence I can take? It looked like an interesting story, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to sit through it.

    Oo! I have to go add LotR! And Sherlock Holmes!

  4. Yes. Mostly on the kinkmeme, but yes, there's plenty of all four boys in a pile. :) And there is apparently a play in Germany where Face and Murdock make out. I've seen pictures.

    The Losers: I'd say yes. It's not that bloody of a movie, really. Dark Knight is definitely grittier and much darker in tone, and Supernatural, as I recall it, shows more blood and guts. It was a fun movie. :)


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