Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Somebody Talk Me Down!

Okay. I found 3 Jim Butcher audio books on sale a while back. One Codex Alera and two Dresden Files. Awesome, right? I've never bought audiobooks before because they are *really* expensive. Like, $40 for one book. I get it, cds, etc. Whatever.

Here's the problem. I *love* the Dresden audio books. I mean, awesome content and then James Marsters is reading them. How much love do I have for these? It's not measurable!

I WANT the rest of the Dresden audio books. They are not on sale. But I WANT them NOW! I know I don't need them. I know that even if I spread it out I really don't need to spend $40 a month on these books. Especially considering that I have the entire series in hard cover.

But I WANT THEM! *twitches* I keep going to Amazon to see if the prices have gone down. And I already made my Christmas list for this year and I really want the two things I asked for so I don't want to substitute!

Why will these things just not magically appear on my shelves?!?

eta: okay, so, some of them I can get through sellers for like...$30 including shipping. That's not bad. It's only the first couple that are $39.99 and the original prices are worse...

oh god. *watches resolve crumble*

eta2: Self control? What the fuck is that?

Why yes, I did just order the first audiobook. Don't look at me like that. I NEED IT!


  1. You're hilarious. :D

    I don't like audio books. I can never pay attention to them. I've listened to a few Doctor Who audio plays and then had no idea what I just heard. So it's not worth it for me, definitely. But glad you got them sort of cheap! (Comparatively, anyway.) Have fun!

  2. I amuse myself at least. :)

    I never cared about audio books, and in general I still don't. But I have a *thing* about Jim Butcher, and put it with James Marsters? Yeah. Clearly I have a thing then. :) Also I just figured out that they have Good Omens on cd. So clearly I need that as well.

    I listen to them on my drive to work. Of course I've read all the books I've listened to, so maybe that makes a difference in what I retain.


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