Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 - 5 minutes to midnight

Dear Harry,

Yes, I did just tell you that you're basically getting married off to Marcone.

That is all. Good evening.


Everyone else:

What would be a good title for a wizard advisor? I can't brain at the moment.


  1. Well, yeah. I thought of that too. :) But I can't give Harry the title of Merlin. There's already a 'the Merlin'. And I don't plan on killing him off at the moment. Besides which even if the Merlin did die they wouldn't put Harry in his position.

  2. Ah, I couldn't remember if "the Merlin" was from Dresden. I thought it might be. All I remembered for certain was that Harry plays w/the title at one point, when he was working for...I think it was the producer in Blood Rites. 'Cause the guy's name was Arthur or Arturo or something. It was cute.

    Probably depends on who he's an advisor to and/or who's making up the title. If it's Marcone, I can imagine it being something sort of stealthily insulting. An inside joke. Sadly, I have no idea what that might be.

    Did you come up with an answer yourself?

  3. Yup. The Merlin is the leader of the Senior Council. But his real name is Arthur...Langtry I think. Oooh...I don't remember him playing with the title in Blood Rites. I'll be rereading the books soon though. :) But yeah, the producer's name was Arturo, I think. I liked him!

    It's supposed to be an ancient title, basically. A position that the Council hasn't used since Arthur's time. I haven't figured it out yet, I've just been using advisor or merlin with a small 'm' and no 'the' in front of it for placeholding. I like using the small 'm' merlin because really the idea is that whoever the advisor is is supposed to be the Merlin, because of the relationship between him and the 'king'. But Marcone doesn't trust the current Merlin to do his job properly. So he's demanded Harry to fill the position. But the Merlin is staying in his position as head of the Council even though he's something of a figurehead and nothing else. But only the Senior Council knows it.


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