Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fandom - *Our* Character

I think this probably happens to every fangirl/boy. We pick a character, somehow, and they are *ours*. Our favorite, our focus. Our obsession. For those of us who have multiple fandoms, we get at least one in every fandom.

For me, it's the men. I don't know what that says about me from a psychological standing, but I've always preferred the male characters to the female. When I was younger, before I discovered fandom, etc. it was always the boy characters that I 'played' in my head. They were the ones I put myself into and wrote stories around in my mind.

I think there's probably a 'type' there, if I bothered to look for it. 'My' character, my point of view guy is strong, smart, sometimes smaller than the other guys. I won't get into the various pairings and who's with who and who I like topping who. I have my patterns.

Sometimes the pairings are weird. Like, why on earth would you pair them? weird. For instance, my biggest fandom (writing wise) to date is Anita Blake. I write Larry, and I tend to slash him with Asher. The weird factor there is that in the books, in the source material, the two of them have never met on page. Never. In my head, however, they are having a glorious and messy affair.

Most of the time they're just *there*. Sometimes the characters fight on screen/page in the source material, but there's this undercurrent. Like Marcone/Harry. I think they respect each other at the same time they are maybe not quite on the same side. Except they are, mostly. Even if Harry doesn't want to admit it. But that's a whole different problem. With Dresden Files, in spite of the whole, Harry is love thing, which exists, my guy is Marcone. I'm writing from Harry's pov, just because I don't think I could sustain Marcone's mindset for 50,000 words. And I like Marcone's motivations being mysterious until/unless he explains them.

Other times the pairings are not just there, but more along the lines of slapping you in the face. Like Arthur/Eames. Because they are very clearly having wild sex between scenes. They just are. Or Hannibal/Face on the A-Team. Come on! Those two are having crazy Ranger sex and you can't tell me they're not! Or Gibbs and DiNozzo. The headslaps are love!

And don't get me started on Supernatural. That shows basically an orgy in my head, with Dean in the middle.

Umm...sorry. I appear to have digressed. Moving on.

My point (assuming I even have one) is that I think fangirls/boys all latch onto one character and that character is *theirs*. Their pov, their love. And I kind of wonder what out choices say about us. Because if I have types and patterns then I think that everyone else must too.


  1. Hm. And now I have to do my own post on this when I have time. :) Interesting idea!

  2. It is interesting. Or at least *I* think it is. I almost did do a run down of all the fandoms and pairings and such, but I thought that might be a little long. :) I obsess like nobodies business! Hell, I might do it anyway. It might be interesting to see the break down.

  3. I started it. I feel like I'm missing some of the smaller fandoms though...


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