Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yes, Murdock is saluting me! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *mad cackling*

And now, I shall finish watching the commentary on my Psych dvd and then go to bed. And not look at this fic for a week. :D


  1. GOOD JOB! :) Obviously, I am not going to make it this year. But next year!

    Anyway, congrats! Enjoy your freedom from fanfic.

  2. THANK YOU! I am so happy with myself! :)

    But don't worry about not finishing it this year. My first year was last year and I didn't finish either. I just sort of gave up half way through. :P

    Next year, you shall kick ass!

  3. Okay, I have waited as long as I could bear, but I have to know - when and where will you post your NaNo fic? Or is it already up somewhere? I'm going nuts, I keep rereading the little bits you posted during November, and I am going INSANE. There aren't nearly enough Marcone/Dresden fics in this world, and certainly there aren't enough novel-length ones! Help a sister out ;n;

  4. *blinkblink* Holy crap! I thought it was just me and Sanil on this fic!

    Um...hi Rachel! :)

    I don't have the fic up yet. It needs editing which I am working on now. As soon as I've finished that it has to be beta'd and then, once it's all shiny and actually readable (cause it's totally not right now) I'll be posting it to my lj and to the Mafia Banter lj comm. I'll be dropping a note here when I do post it over there.

  5. Oh, if it's going up on Mafia Banter I'll be able to find it! Yay! Good luck with beta-ing~! I will wait impatiently on the Internets.


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