Thursday, August 19, 2010

Answers to Susanne's Questions

I'd thought to just respond in the comments, but it's way too long for that. So you get your own post. Don't you feel special? :)

How many children do you want?

I don't really have a set number of, 'this many kids', but I know I'd like to have a big family.

What names do you like (no limit) and why?

Joseph, Josephine, Rose, Elizabeth, Miriam, Mary, Margaret (not Peggy), Liam, Katherine (with a C or a K), Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Castiel (no, I probably wouldn't *actually* name my child that, but some people apparently are, and I like the name), Dean, Charles, James, Jamie, Donna, April, Joanna

Do you like family names?

Like, my family? We don't really have 'family names'. Well, wait, that's not quite true. We have a tradition of having Marie in the middle name of girls that goes back a few generations. Well, in the general idea of family names, I don't dislike it. I wouldn't pick a name just because it's a family name, but if we like it, then sure, why not. Especially if it does have some deep meaning to the husbands family (since it wouldn't to mine).

What do you think of homeschooling?

I like it as a concept. I think that it's a good way for the parent to get control over what information their child learns, and when. It also allows for a greater degree of flexibility of curriculum based on each childs needs and abilities. You get a closer relationship with the child as you're not sending them off for a huge chunk of their lives. There can be downsides as well, of course - insulation against the world, not necessarily having enough interaction with peers - but I think most homeschooling programs have built in 'fixes' for those problems. So all in all, if it were possible, I would homeschool my own children.

If you had to live in another country where would you choose?


Same with another state?

Hmmm...oddly enough, Wisconsin. I've lived there before, and while I don't appreciate snow as a weather feature that I have to live with, I thought it was a beautiful place, and I did love it there. It was just really, really, really freaking cold! But I got to 'hunt' other kids at camp through the woods, and sled, and ski, and ice skate (badly), and it was a nice place to live.

What is your ideal weather?

Ooohh...sunny and warm, with just enough breeze that the air isn't dead weight. That's laying around the beach/pool/yard weather. Of course, on nice, stormy days, you can just curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and read.

Do you enjoy the mountains?

No. I am terrified of heights. I hate them. If God intended me to go up high, He wouldn't have had me raised in a perfectly flat state. I go up in elevators (reluctantly), clinging to the back guard rail with a death grip. I find mountains pretty, and once I'm in them and don't look down, they seem flat, but going up? Going down? No. So in general, no, I don't enjoy mountains. If I moved someplace where I had to live in and drive in mountains, someone else would have to drive, forever. I think I'd have a panic attack.

Your opinion of the "ground zero mosque".

Okay. I think that they, like anyone else, have the right to purchase private property and build on it, within the bounds of the statutes and real estate laws that apply. Despite the 'title' of Ground Zero Mosque, the building is not, in fact, on Ground Zero. It's supposed to be where there is currently an old Burlington Coat Factory store. That is not 'sacred ground'. That's empty retail space. Now, I don't actually think that building it there is a good idea. Not because it's sacrilegious, or spitting in the face of the victims and their families, but because there are some really freaking crazy people out there, and if they do ever manage to get the place built, I believe that there will be trouble from people attacking the Muslims trying to use this center. I think, at this point, they'd be better served to decide to build elsewhere, from both a pr perspective and a safety perspective. It'd show them to actually be dedicated to finding peace and common ground with non-Muslims if they said, 'You know what, we didn't mean anything bad by wanting to build here, but we understand your feelings. We will build in this other place.' I think (aside from some real hard line wackos, this would gain them a lot of good feeling and some of the people who are on the fence, or upset, might calm down, and see that this is not an attempt to build a monument to 'Muslim victory' near the site of a mass murder in the name of 'Islam'.

Meanwhile, with all this mess about the mosque/community center that may or may not ever get built, no one talks about the Greek Orthodox church that was *actually* destroyed in the attack and is struggling to find a place to rebuild.

Thoughts on politics, Sarah Palin et al.

I think all politicians are scum sucking liars who would sell their own mothers for a chance at power. I loathe Sarah Palin and think she reflects poorly on women in general. She's like GWB with boobs! She comes off as completely stupid. I cannot believe that people are rallying behind a woman who talks like a freaking moose on helium, reads whatever is put in front of her, needs to write notes on her hand (and get freaking *caught* checking them!), and thinks it's sporting to hunt animals with a high powered gun from a helicopter! You wanna hunt? At least be on the damned ground. Why is the fact that she *quit* her job as governor seen as a good thing? The fact is, she didn't carry through. God forbid that woman ever comes into power. I would love a female President, but not her. For the love of all that is holy, NOT HER. I am actually *twitching* with how much this woman disgusts me.

Your favorite Bible character (OT and New). Why?

Huh. Mmm...I actually don't think I have favorites.

Favorite Bible verses/passage.

Apparently I don't have one of those either.

What has God been teaching you lately?

I don't rightly know. My main concern, lately, has been the decision between remaining Roman Catholic, or becoming Orthodox. And I feel like I lean toward Orthodoxy, but I haven't hit this moment where I feel like, 'right now!'. I sort of feel like I'm in a holding pattern, where there's not urgency to do anything at all about it.

Do you stop to smell the flowers or are you too busy?

I try to make the effort to stop and appreciate life. Whether it's smelling the flowers, or watching an animal in nature, or just gazing at the clouds. I don't always manage, but I try.

What do you struggle with the most in life (fear, anger, drunkenness, Amazon not delivering your books on time, etc)?

I'd have to say it's a specific type of fear. I'm constantly worried about people noticing how odd I am, and not knowing the proper social behavior, and having them judge me. It holds me back from a lot of things, because I literally cannot speak/do whatever it is I want to do, because I *know* that they will realize just how much I am not like them, and reject me.

What is your favorite type of music? Favorite singer/song.

I'm eclectic with the music. I think my favorite right now is Muse's song Uprising.

Do you like to dance?

I love it. I'm not saying I'm good at it, but I love it. :)

Do you prefer blondes or the tall, dark and handsome types?

Dark. Tall is not a requirement, and handsome is in the eye of the beholder, but I definitely prefer darker colors over blondes.

What have you learned the most from blogs?

I am not as much of a freak as I think I am.

What is a weakness of knowing people only from blogs/online?

We can't get together and do things! I can't call you up when I just want to chat. We can email, sure, but there's something about the human, I'd love to just hang out with sanil, LK, and you. Sit in a restaurant somewhere and just yap. Or go see a movie, or shop. Girlfriend stuff. And we can't do that, because we're scattered all over the country. So, y'know, y'all just need to move to Florida!

Do you think most people are as they seem or do you think we mostly keep things hidden or both?

Both. We present certain true aspects of ourselves to others, but no one ever reveals everything about themselves. It's too hard, and too dangerous. The more someone knows, the more they can hurt you, intentionally or otherwise.

What is your favorite food, color, dessert, movie, TV show?

Pizza, red, Key Lime pie, Inception, Supernatural.


  1. A moose on helium. Now that is something to write home about. In fact, I'm going to CALL home. 7000 miles away. Now. :D

  2. A whole post for me? Aw yay! I love it!! :-) Can you believe at first I was like, "What in the world can I ask her?" and then I sat down and the questions flooooooowed! Well, you asked for it! :)

    I love reading the names you like. Castiel is cool! I'm not familiar with it. Donna seems a bit "odd" on this list. (I have been part of a name nerd group for years so I'm guessing they'd point out Donna this way.hehehehe) It was a favorite of mine when I was a kid though. I do recall that. :)

    Neat about the Marie connection to the last generations!

    Never knew you lived in Wisconsin at one time. I am imagining you hunting children. :) How many years were you there? I thought you only lived in FL. I imagine the weather was quite different than FL. Have you lived in other places that I should know about? ;) Where have you lived the most in your life? FL?

    My sister homeschools and I assure you that Michael has a GREAT peer group and social interaction. A good church helps plus there are homeschool associations in my area.

    Oh, I'm sorry about your fear of heights and inability to enjoy mountains because of it. How interesting!

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the NOT-GZ mosque. :) I did hear about the Greek Orthodox Church yesterday on the local news channel. (BTW,are you still going to your GOC?)

    LOL @ your thoughts on Sarah Palin. You put into words kind of how I feel about her. Repulsed. I tried to like her. Oh well. I agree that quitting her term as governor was low. And I *hate* her accent/voice....blaaaaaaaaaaaah! Really I blame McCain for making her famous! Can't she just go away already?

    "I try to make the effort to stop and appreciate life. Whether it's smelling the flowers, or watching an animal in nature, or just gazing at the clouds. I don't always manage, but I try."

    I think so too. I remember that time I posted pictures of Michael at the Lazy 5 Ranch last year and you really seemed to enjoy that one animal on there at the end. Remember??

    I believe a lot of people fear rejection. Hey, I think your quirks are adorable. :)

    "I am not as much of a freak as I think I am."

    Haaaa! That's cute! I hope I share somewhat in helping you not seem so freaky. Wait! Did I just say that?

    Yeah, it would be fun for all of us to get together. I can picture us laughing a lot. And y'all would be helping me get up, steadying me as I grab my walker ...

    Loved this! Thanks much!! :-D

  3. Great! Now I have this ad courtesy of Gmail:

    Sarah Palin - - Support Sarah Palin's Official PAC Fighting for what's right!

  4. And now that I have called home: my father thought that the 'moose on helium' was the perfect way to express how he himself feels about Sarah Palin. We had a really good laugh over it.

    In fact, we agreed that this description of her really needs to go viral. Maybe it's time to make an appropriate video? :P

  5. caraboska,

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that's an appropriate description. But what would be a good video for that?

  6. Susanne,

    Castiel is actually a name from Supernatural, so I'm not surprised you're not familiar with it. Though they did get it from lists of angels - he's the angel of Thursday. Donna is the name of one of my best friends. I'm not sure why it seems odd in the list though...

    We lived in Wisconsin for one year when I was maybe 11, 12? I've lived in Florida the rest of my life though. And yeah, hunting the other kids was fun.

    *nods* I'm sure. I was just thinking of some objections to it that I had heard, but I know that the homeschool programs have get togethers and such so that they aren't actually problems.

    Yes, when I can. Sometimes life conspires against me, but I'm attending the Greek church as much as possible.

    re: palin - I actually growl when she's on tv. I was never able to stand her. Whoever picked her for McCain's running mate did him a huge disservice. She's never going to go away because Fox has latched onto her, and they'll just keep reanimating her corpse...

    The buffalo? Vaguely. ;)

    'Haaaa! That's cute! I hope I share somewhat in helping you not seem so freaky. Wait! Did I just say that?'

    Yes. Yes you did. Which means that, put side by side with you, your freakishness so outshines mine, that I seem relatively normal by comparison. :p

    Hope you guys had fun at the beach!

  7. A vaguely balloon-shaped moose with a string hanging from it, floating about in the sky spouting infamous Palin quotes. And then the moose falls out of the sky among a herd of real moose, who then proceed to have a 'The gods must be crazy' moment :) We can get LK to draw it for us. I can't imagine she likes Sarah Palin any more than we do :D

  8. Donna isn't an odd name, but my friends seem to nitpick about names and how they sound together and the styles. Old fashioned names have come back in style. I'd guess they'd say Donna was dated from this list. Not in a bad way odd, just thinking of what they'd say. :)


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