Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salt v. Inception

So, we're technically, theoretically 'scheduled' to go see Salt this weekend. But I've mentioned it to my movie partner that I'd really rather see Inception again. The fact is, I just don't care about Salt anymore. When I first saw the previews, I was like, 'oh, yeah, that looks fun'. But I just don't really think it'll be entertaining me. I think I'll be sitting in the theater, thinking, 'wow, no, this is just beat 'em up stuff' and pondering Inception. I'm obsessive, okay?

Like, if someone announced a fan convention for Inception, right now, I'd be there. And I'd figure out some way to cosplay as Arthur, despite him being tall and lanky and me being neither of those things. But I'd make it work!

So while I'm sure that Salt is not a *bad* film (though I suspect that Liev Schrieber's character is the real spy, if there is one, don't ask me why...but if I'm right, I figured that out from the bloody previews, and therefore this movie is not good and twisty, and therefore not worth my time. I think I'm going to have to go look it up to see if I'm right. Because if I am, I've not going to see it. *pause for internet surfing* Hah. And this is why I'm not allowed to talk during mystery shows/movies anymore.), I think I'd really, really, really rather see Inception for the third time, and then see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the next weekend.

Because I know that ones going to be goofy, but it's got Chris Evans in it, and also Brandon Routh, who, despite Superman Returns, I kind of enjoy. I liked him in Chuck, at least.

edit: Having just spent approx. 30 min on phone explaining parts of movie to movie buddy, we're definitely going to see it again.


  1. PILGRIM!!!!!! Its a must see. I can't wait! I heart Scott Pilgrim.

    ....Im sure at Dragon Con there will be Inception people....pretty is Dragon Con after all.

  2. Really? I've never read the comic, but the commercials it looks cute, and sort of weirdly spastic. Hmmm...

    Oh, I'm sure DragonCon will have Inception people (plus so many people I want to see at the panels!) but I won't be there, despite it being in freaking Georgia, because I can't take the time off. :(

  3. God Willing Im going next year! Figure its a good prelude to the ultimate pilgrimage that is SDCC!!!!!

    and yes, I will cosplay :)

  4. Like a mini-pilgrimage? Work up your strength? :)

    Have you decided who you'll be going as?


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