Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fear Mongering

My gym has tv's set up in front of the treadmill/bike/eliptical section, so people can watch while they sweat. One of the tv's is set to Lifetime, two are set to some sort of sports channels, and one is set (eternally), to Fox. I tune my little radio into the Fox tv, because the others are likely to put me to sleep, and Fox has the bonus of pissing me off so much that I pedal REALLY HARD like I'm kicking Glenn Beck in the head. So it's good for me, in that sense. :)

You know what message I get from Fox?

MUSLIMS ARE SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN AWAY! FEAR THEM! THEY ALL WANT TO KILL US AND EAT OUR BABIES! Everything they do or say is a plot to get you and crush you and everything you love and send us all back to the stone age!

That's it. That appears to be the entirety of their news contribution. Muslims = bad. All of them. Admittedly, Glenn Beck is more obsessed with socialists and communists than Muslims, but the news programs that I see are all about the Muslim 'problem'.

They do it just to frighten people. Get people scared enough, and worried enough about the 'sekrit' enemies that are lurking just behind every door, and they'll let you get away with anything. Seriously, have we learned nothing from history? The easiest way to marginalize a group is to convince the larger amount of the populace that they can't be trusted. That they have secret agendas and loyalties that run counter to the 'nations'. Then you can start taking away their rights and their freedoms, and no one will say 'boo', because they're all scared of them!

The thing that really brought this to a point was last night when I was watching the Daily Show. It's a 'fake' news show, but not so much. Because the stories that they report on are true. They've been covering this whole mosque thing up in New York, and also covering Fox's coverage. And they played a bit from a Fox show where they were going on about the funding for the community center and mosque, and how 'this man' that was one of the main supporters is tied to this that and the other terror organization/mosque/whatever. They make him out to be this shadowy, evil seeming person. They never mention his name, or show his picture. Well. Turns out, 'this man', is the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Who also, as it so turns out, owns the second largest majority share of News Corp, which owns Fox News. Which explains why they never said his name or showed his picture. Because if they did, people might google him and find out that he's evil, but his money's still good for Fox. Also, News Corp owns a 9% stake in bin Talal's media conglomerate. So the two are in business, and not just superficially.

But Fox won't say that, because it might make people question how bad can this guy be, if you're working for him? And how sad is it that we have to get the facts from a 'news show' on Comedy Central? I like Stewart's suggestion. If we really want to stop funding the 'terror/victory' mosque, stop watching Fox.

All that being said, for the love of God, people, just let them build their freaking community center! Is it going to have a mosque in it? Sure. Wanna know why? Because Muslims have to pray 5 times a day! It's easier to have a mosque in a building where there are going to be a lot of Muslims, each and every day! Christian organizations build chapels or prayer rooms, or what have you into their buildings! The Muslim's have been using this building for a year already.

I'm so fed up with people who just hate. It's like a freaking disease.


  1. Great post! I'm so tired of the fearmongering of the media and politicians and certain other people. It's their way to control us and I'm not gonna bite or drink their kool aid.

    Too bad this "Christian nation" doesn't actually follow Jesus and try that whole loving your enemy thing. If Muslims are our enemy that is. If not, love your neighbor as you love yourself. Another good one from Jesus. :)

  2. Susanne,

    Thanks! It's nice to know other people agree with me. ;)

  3. Oh, by the way, I posted this to my FB wall this morning. If you still have FB, you can see it there with a comment or two. Feel free to reply since it's YOUR post after all. Sorry, I hope you don't mind. I just loved it. :)

  4. Lookit you, getting me into trouble! Can't a gal make a completely pointless rant in private on the internet anymore? ;p

  5. I sowwy. *sniff*

    Hehehe.....I was just in a sharing-on-Facebook mood this morning and then I read your post! And had to share it too! :) Oops!

    LOL @ your "private" internet rant. You make me giggle! :-D

    I forgot about the disabled Anonymous thing until much later than I replied to Cory. How could I forget when I claimed Capt. Awesome for myself?! Two words.




  6. No you're not! I know better than to fall for that again! :)

    Meh. It doesn't bug me at all.

    Well, I knew how you'd forgotten, but I didn't want to mention it. Some people your age get touchy about that. *waggles eyebrows*

  7. *strikes crotchety old woman pose*


    (By the way, "Mr. Truax" is my 24 year old cousin. Hehehehe.)

  8. So is he the one with the Kenny G hair in his profile pic? Cause if so, I see the family resemblance! *mimes poofball of curls on her head*


    Hey, ah'm a polite girl, sugah. We've nevah been formally introduced, so he gets to be Mr. Truax.

  9. Oh wow, you really made me laugh! :-P

    "*mimes poofball of curls on her head*"


    I bet you won't believe that both of my brothers have perfectly STRAIGHT hair! :D

    Yeah, yeah...that's Cory! :)

  10. I'll believe it because it's you saying it. But other than that, I have an image of your entire family with Orphan Annie hair! :)

  11. Hey, check out this picture of me. You will have to click on it to make it large. It wouldn't scan properly.


  12. Hah! I have twigged to your secret identity! That picture is insanely cute!

  13. When you mentioned Annie, I just had to show you. :)

    Ha, ha...hope you aren't annoyed with the other comments on your post on FB. Sorry, that was evil of me. :)


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