Saturday, August 7, 2010


Okay, I have pretty much nothing coherent to say about this movie but OH. MY. GOD. How much love do I have for this?

It's's *nuts* how great this movie was. Dark and noir-esque, 'hard boiled detective' is *exactly* right. It's like, take your classic detective story, the hard nosed man who knows more about the dark side of the city, the police that use him, maybe, when they think they can, but are more than willing to turn on him, the lost, wounded true love, the femme fatales, the villain dressed all in black, running things from the shadows. The intrigue, the mystery, who killed who, who has the drugs, who will survive, who can you trust? Take all that, and set it in a high school. It shouldn't work. Most of the time, it wouldn't, because it'd be too highschooley. But not this. Even the dialogue sounds like it belongs in a older mouths.

A friend loaned this to me after we were talking about JGL after Inception, and she said this was incredibly awesome. And I must agree. Certainly not everyone's cuppa, but it's mine, for sure.

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