Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jus In Bello

This ep really shows the true character of the boys in a way that I think gets forgotten. Sam's always portrayed as the nice, good brother. In spite of the fact that he's destined to be Lucifer's meat suit. And Dean, given his sybaritic lifestyle, and general ruthlessness, gets portrayed as the hard one. The mean, nasty one. But here, when blondeRuby presents her spell, the solution to get them out of the mess of demons there to kill them, Sam's the one willing to let Ruby slice the heart out of the nice virgin, and Dean's the one who refuses. Who recognizes that winning at any cost isn't winning at all.

Thus cementing my belief that Dean really is the more awesome brother, and that Supernatural is the story of Dean, not Sam.

'When this is over, I'm going to have *so much* sex.'

*glance at deputy*

'But not with you.'

Also, I'm finding that Bella annoys me less this time around. Ruby was always kind of cool, in that, 'you're totally evil and we all know it but Sam's too stupid/desperate to see it' sort of way.

Also, Lilith! Dude, she was so much creepier in a kid.

Bonus: Dream a Little Dream of Me: 'Daddy's blunt little instrument'. I love that line, and the whole argument that Dean has with his subconscious SO MUCH! Also, demonDean is hot. I'm just saying.


  1. Yay! I'm glad Bella's growing on you. :D I miss her.

    Dean's sort of stupidly good. But it works for him and winds up saving everybody all the time, so cool. But I still like Sam. Not more than Dean, but...maybe just as much? I kinda like him more when he's on demon blood. That scene in the Valentine's Day one always makes me grin big.

    Also, wasn't this episode in sort of a transition period where Sam was becoming less and less nice? I've only seen it once and don't remember for sure, but it seems like that. Or maybe I just saw it that way because I knew what was coming, I dunno. But I thought he started as the nice brother, it didn't just look that way. He'd stayed innocent because his dad and brother took most of it so that he could be. And so Dean was more damaged and rough around the edges at the beginning. Then Sam starts getting corrupted and not so much the sweet little boy anymore. So I don't see this episode so much showing his true character more than others as I do showing what he's becoming.

  2. Oh, I like Sam too. Just not as much as Dean. I willingly admit that it's about Dean for me, for the most part. :)

    Mmm...yes, but this transition period of Sam's has been going on for the entire series, really. Now, he's being pushed and poked and driven there, and we all know it, but contrast Sam's willingness to kill an innocent girl (and not just her, but also Ruby, who he knows and kind of likes, even at this point), with the Sam at the beginning of the series, who won't let Dean leave until they've dealt with the woman in white because she's hurting people. I don't think that Sam was *ever* a sweet little boy, no matter that Dean did his best to protect Sam from a large portion of the crap that John dumped on them. I feel like he's always been viewed as such, but only because people have had the rougher examples of Dean and John to compare him to, at least on the outside.

    As time's gone on though, and his road has gotten rougher, and more and more bad things have happened it's revealed the core of him, and that core is more ruthless than the core of Dean. It's not necessarily a *bad* thing, in general, to be ruthless. But if that leads you to become just as bad as the things you're fighting?


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