Sunday, August 8, 2010

Batman: Under the Red Hood

For the win. Seriously. Haters? To the left.

I do not care if you don't like Ackles on SPN (though if so, I think you're *wrong*, but whatever). He did justice to Jason's voice. The art is awesome, the action and pacing and dialogue is awesome, even though the story is edited from the comics original, and there is a distinct lack of TIMMY! (Why is Timmy left out? Lo, Tim is awesome, and you all had best realize that.)

Anyway. Jason Todd is...he was my first Robin, okay? I wasn't around for the Dick Grayson era. I picked up comics here and there as I could, and Jason was my Robin. And then, then, the first trade I picked up, in some mall somewhere in Wisconsin, I believe, was A Death in the Family. And so comics killed me.

But then, then came Tim, and A Lonely Place of Dying, and Tim became my Robin. Also, he's just that freaking good, okay? OKAY?

But I never lost my love of Jason, and I mourned him, got it? I *mourned* Jason in all his anger and pain. And then DC brought him back. (And proceeded to fuck him over, alternating with doing awesome things with him, so just...just stop being dicks, okay? Bring Jason back properly, so I can see him work with Tim properly. The two of them would *decimate*.) But the storyline had Jason, and *TIM*, and Dick, and Bruce, and all of them being smishy and angsty and *boys*, and fights, and Ra's al Ghul, who is my favorite Bat villain ever, and I loved it when it was Jason, got it?

So this movie takes a lot of that, and animates it for me, and yeah, I'm that easy. Plus, NPH is Nightwing, and that's just...well...fitting, really. But whatever. It's not about the voice actors!

Jason kicks ass, and he's suitably fucked up, and a hug just ain't gonna fix that. Joker's head on a pike might be a good start, though.

One minor quibble: Where's Jason's white stripe in the hair? I have a love of that.

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