Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's like falling off a bike...

I have committed an act of fic. Wow. It's been a while.


The second viewing of Inception did it to me.

The, the scene with Arthur hooking Eames up to the Pasiv Device in the hotel-layer, that whole, 'Go to sleep, Mr. Eames'. Yeah. That look on Arthur's face? How could I not? And the thing is, I totally missed that line the first time I saw the movie. Wow. Now, to send my little drabble off to the beta. And then possibly find the guts to post in a new fandom?


  1. So...are you saying you have written some fan fiction? Hmmm? hmm?

    Wow. yeah inception would make great fan fiction...or a graphic novel. Someone should get on that.

  2. Historically? Yes, in another fandom.

    Currently? Just one little piece for Inception. Though I suspect there will be more. This fandom appears to be eating my brain.

    But boy, does it ever need more fic. There's a growing fandom out there that's putting out some good stuff right now.

    Oooh...a graphic novel would rock. Hopefully someone'll pick that idea up? I kind of even want to see it again, and as soon as it's available I'm ordering the bluray for this sucker. And then stealing a big screen tv.


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