Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ask the 'Author'

So, I'm bored.

You guys have any questions? Things you want to know about me (or anything else, it does just have to be personal questions, but if you ask me how butter's made or something, I'm not going to know...) but haven't had the chance to ask?

Now's your chance. Ask away. I do not guarantee an answer - there are some things I will not put on the internet, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


  1. Feel free to skip any that are too personal or too much, but here are some ideas for your bored times. :)

    Let's see...

    How many children do you want?

    What names do you like (no limit) and why?

    Do you like family names?

    What do you think of homeschooling?

    If you had to live in another country where would you choose?

    Same with another state?

    What is your ideal weather?

    Do you enjoy the mountains?

    Your opinion of the "ground zero mosque".

    Thoughts on politics, Sarah Palin et al.

    Your favorite Bible character (OT and New). Why?

    Favorite Bible verses/passage.

    What has God been teaching you lately?

    Do you stop to smell the flowers or are you too busy?

    What do you struggle with the most in life (fear, anger, drunkenness, Amazon not delivering your books on time, etc)?

    What is your favorite type of music? Favorite singer/song.

    Do you like to dance?

    Do you prefer blondes or the tall, dark and handsome types?

    What have you learned the most from blogs?

    What is a weakness of knowing people only from blogs/online?

    Do you think most people are as they seem or do you think we mostly keep things hidden or both?

    What is your favorite food, color, dessert, movie, TV show?

    OK, now I have to leave. Aren't you glad? :-)

  2. Ha,ha! I noticed no reply in my e-mail so I thought to come here and say, "Oh, I see I scared you off" (evil laugh)


    then I saw a post for MEEEEEE! Yay meeeeee! :-D

    I'll enjoy it later. We are going to the beach tomorrow and I have stuff to do still. Plus I've had the busiest week in a while for me so ... :)

    But thanks!! :)


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