Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Warehouse 13 - I see what you're doing there.

I am fairly immune to femslash. I think the last show where I went, 'yeah, they're together' about two women was Xena. And you can't argue with me. Xena and Gabrielle were *married*, okay? Okay.

But last nights ep of Warehouse 13? I was watching the interaction between HG Wells and Myka? And yeah. So much potential and UST there I can't even begin to describe it. Now, first off, they're both beautiful, though I think HG Wells is *more* beautiful. There's something about Myka's chin sometimes that's just wonky. Like...I don't think she has a very strong jaw line, and that looks funny from certain angles. Also, it might be the accent. I *love* HG Wells' accent. Which it British, btw.

HG Wells


The scene with the grappling hook, and how Myka was all, 'oh, that's so old fashioned', but she was clearly still *impressed* and envious and wanted that toy! And HG held on a little longer than necessary, people. And then the rest of the ep, with the working so well together, and Myka saying that HG was an agent 'under her' who did whatever she said! It's not just the dialogue, it's the actors' interaction in the scene. And it was there!

Also, the final scenes. Artie was asking out the doctor he's been crushing on since forever, Pete was asking out Angry Veterinarian Lady (yes, Claudia was not doing anything romantic, but the *majority* of the final scenes were 'romantic' in nature!) and then there's Myka, packing away the grappling gun that HG left her when she ran off in that really pretty box, and *tucking the note in her pocket so she can take it out at night and look at it!*

Oh! Oh! Oh! And now I know where I've seen her before! She was Dexter's crazy girlfriend in, what, season 2?

But here's the thing. I *refuse* to actively ship them until it is resolved whether HG is really good, or really evil. She was Bronzed for a reason, I'm sure. And I suspect evilness. And I'm not going to have yet another pairing where all they can do is have angsty hate sex.


  1. Wasn't Xena/Gabrielle pretty much canon by the end of the series? Of course, by the end of the series...yeah, they just threw continuity and seriousness out the window and gave the show to the fans. I liked that about them. :D

    There is a character named HG Wells?? Awesome. I started watching this show, saw episode one and then an episode that had something to do with Edgar Allen Poe I think...but I kinda lost track of it. Now you've made me want to watch again. So thanks!

    ...What episode was this? :D Might as well start on one that is likely to get me hooked and want more. Or is this the kind of show I should watch from the beginning to make sense of it?

  2. Yeah, Xena/Gabrielle was canon, essentially, by the end of the series. :) It made so many people so very, very happy!

    Yep. H.G. Wells (the character) is supposed to be the 'real' H.G. Wells. She used a pseudonym and had her brother appear as the author because women didn't do things like that in her day. And somehow she worked for the Warehouse, and wound up being locked up in the 'Bronze Room' which is where they lock up very bad people. But she was freed at the beginning of this season, and is running around doing who knows what.

    It's a fun series. :)

    This ep was called 'For the Team'. I assume SyFy will have reruns of it on. Mmm...I think you could start watching and catch up/figure things out. There will be some plot-y stuff missing, but I don't know that it would impair enjoyment of the show.

  3. o.o

    Really!? That's awesome! I think I like her. :) Thanks, I will find out when it's on.

  4. The actress that plays HG Wells is in Hustle, She is AMAZING in Hustle. That show was fantastic! Again BBC do watch it. She plays a con-woman, brilliant

  5. *slight spoilers*

    All I can say is don't get too attached to H.G. Wells if you haven't seen the end of season 2 yet. Granted, god only knows what will happen in season 3 and the last episode of 2 might completely be an illusion. But none the less, you'll be upset.

  6. forkeh,

    Yeah, I saw it. *sad* But I gave up on not shipping them and am just rolling with it. I've shipped doomed couples before!


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