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Tobit Chapter 14

Last chapter of Tobit...

1. Then Tobit ceased giving thanks.

*Tobit's Final Words*
2. He was fifty-eight years old when he lost his sight, and eight years later he regained it. Tobit did almsgiving, and continued to fear the Lord God, and gave thanks to Him. 3. He grew very old, and called his son and his son's sons, and said, "My son, take your sons. Behold, I have grown old, and I am departing from this life. 4. Depart to Media, my son, for I trust all the words Jonah the prophet spoke concerning Nineveh, that it will be overthrown. But in Media there will be more peace for a time. For our brethren in the land will be dispersed in the earth from the good land. Jerusalem shall be desolate, and the house of God therein will be burned up. It shall be desolate for a time.+

5. "But God will again have mercy on them, and He will return them to the land. They will build the house, but not as it was before, until the times of the age are fulfilled. After this, they will return from the captivity and build Jerusalem honorably. The house of God within her will be built as a glorious building for every generation forever, as the prophets said concerning her.+ 6. All the Gentiles shall return to truly fear the Lord God. They shall bury their idols in the earth, and all the Gentiles will bless the Lord.+ 7. His people will offer thanks to God, and the Lord will exalt His people. All who love the Lord God in truth and righteousness will rejoice. They will show mercy to our brethren.

8. "So now, my son, depart from Nineveh, since what the prophet Jonah said will doubtless come to pass. 9. But keep the law and the ordinances. Be merciful and righteous, that it may be well with you. Bury me decently, and your mother with me, but lodge no longer in Nineveh. 10. My son, observe what Aman did to Ahikar who reared him, how he led him from light into darkness, and how greatly he repaid him. Indeed Ahikar was saved, but as for that man, he was repaid with retribution and descended into darkness. Manasseh did almsgiving and was saved from the trap of death that was set for him. But Aman fell into the trap and was punished.+ 11. Now then, my children, observe what almsgiving does, and how righteousness delivers us."

After he said these things, his soul departed as he lay on his bed. He was one hundred and fifty-eight years old, and Tobias buried him gloriously.+ 12. When Anna died, he buried her with his father. Then Tobias departed with his wife and children to Ecbatana, to Raguel his father-in-law. 13. He grew old honorably and buried the parents of his wife most respectfully. They inherited their estate and that of Tobit his father.

14. Tobias died at Ecbatana of Media when he was one hundred and twenty-seven years old. 15. Before he died, he heard of the destruction of Nineveh, taken by Nebuchadnezzar and Ahasuerus. Thus before his death he rejoiced over Nineveh.

+14:4 - Scholars agree that Nineveh was overthrown in 612 B.C. Jonah warned of the fall (Jon 3:3,4) and Nahum, in his book, records it.

+14:5 - The temple will be rebuilt, but not as it was before. The second temple, not as glorious, was completed in approximately 515 B.C. (see Hag 1:1-15).

+14:6 - The Gentiles: See note at 13:3.

+14:10 - Ahikar: See 1:21.

+14:11 - Almsgiving and righteousness: See 12:8,9

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