Thursday, August 19, 2010

What My DVR Does

IDEK, I just feel like announcing exactly how much tv I watch. And to make it more entertaining, I figure I'll list the pairings I ship for my shows (not all shows will have pairings. Some are not that kind of show.)

Done in order of priority on the dvr:

1. Supernatural - Dean/Sam, Dean/Castiel, Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Sam/Castiel/Gabriel, Bobby/Crowley (oh, the shame, if burns!)

2. Merlin - Arthur/Merlin

3. Leverage - Nate/Eliot, Hardison/Parker, Nate/Sophie, Haridson/Parker/Eliot

4. The Mentalist

5. Criminal Minds

6. NCIS - Gibbs/Tony

7. CSI

8. Ghost Hunters

9. MonsterQuest

10. The Closer - Brenda/Fritz

11. Psych - Lassiter/Shawn

12. Paranormal State

13. The Colbert Report

14. The Daily Show

15. Dirty Jobs - MIKE ROWE!

16. MythBusters

17. Challenge - pretty cakes/sugar art!

18. Ace of Cakes - CAKE!

19. Ghost Adventures

20. Ghost Hunters International

21. Warehouse 13 - APPARENTLY HG Wells/Myka

22. CSI:NY - Mac/Danny

23. Bones - Booth/Bones

24. Destination Truth

25. The Vampire Diaries - Stefan/Elena/Damon

26. Castle


28. Ghost Lab

29. White Collar - Neal/Peter, Neal/El/Peter, Diana (she's a ship all on her own, got it?)

30. Sanctuary

31. Smallville - Clark/Lex (I don't CARE about canon at this point. CLex, got it?)

32. Paranormal Cops

33. Glee - Kurt/Finn (I know. And yet.)

34. The Next Food Network Star

35. Memphis Beat - Dwight/His ex-wife whose name I cannot recall

36. Ghost Hunters Academy (I don't know why I watch half of these ghost shows, I just can't seem to stop!)

37. The Glades

38. Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files


  1. Wow, that's a lot! How fun. Love the huge list of pairings for Supernatural.

    But how can you watch Colbert Report and not ship Colbert/O'Reilly? :D (kidding, in case it wasn't clear.)

    Also, I liked that when I played the commentary on my Smallville DVDs, the people said even they shipped Clark/Lex. Canon lies.

  2. CLex ROTFL I think that is my favorite re-naming ever...CLex...LOL

    LOL to Arthur and Merlin...there is so something going on there. I LOVED Merlin, almost as much as Robin Hood. Woooo BBC!!!!

    And Hell yes Mike Rowe!!!! That dude be awesomeness!

    If you watched Being Human you'd totally do George and will probably write slash fan art...just watch, you'll see.

  3. sanil,

    SPN: Dean is my little black dress in that fandom. :)

    Well, actually, I believe that Colbert still belongs to Stewart, so O'Reilly can't have him! :P

    I know! The relationship between the two of them wasn't even subtext. The death of the CLex was one of the great tragedies of that show.

  4. LK,

    It just rolls off the tongue! CLex! :)

    Arthur and Merlin are so close to being actual canon I don't know how anyone could miss it. They're just so cute!

    Oh, I love Mike Rowe like *burning*. He is just the most awesome man, ever. Though Josh Gates does come in a close second. But I don't know if Gates can sing.

    I've been watching the Being Human eps they're playing on BBCA, but I know I'm missing a lot since this appears to be something like the middle of the second season. I'm going to see if I can Netflix the first season. I'm always up for pretty supernatural boys...


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