Friday, August 20, 2010

My Family Is Insane

So, last night, after dinner, I was still sitting at the table with my Dad. And my Mom comes over with a little old cassette recorded. She puts batteries in it and then plays whatever is on the tape. It's music, so I say,

'What's that?' - meaning, what's the music. My Dad's answer:

'A tape recorder.' *dead, silent shock*

'Oh my God, how stupid do you think I am?!? I *know* it's a tape recorder! I'm not that technologically ignorant! You think I'm living in the stone age, don't you!' meanwhile, all four of us are laughing hysterically!

'I didn't know! I didn't know if you'd ever seen one! Everything's digital now!'

'I still now what a cassette is! I know what a VHS is too! And a Beta! Atari!'


  1. That is awesome. I'm just old enough to know what all those things are, though, and my younger sister has forgotten some of them even though we used them when we were kids. :D And I don't think you're much older than me. So I can understand him not being sure.

  2. sanil,

    I don't think I'm that much older than you either. I'm 28, but I don't remember how old you are. I want to say you're my sisters age (22), but I could be wrong. :)

    It's funny, things like the Atari, and Beta, Oh! and 8 tracks are things my parents held onto, which is the only reason I know what they are. I remember playing Space Invaders on the Atari when I was little! And the old, *original* Nintendo. I wonder if this is how it starts. Little while later, I'm all...'back in *my* day...'

  3. I'm 24. :)

    I'm sort of the same way. My parents (well, really my mom) were very strict and didn't think kids needed things like game systems and music I used theirs and my older (like 10 years or more older) cousins' stuff, and that's what I knew. So I might actually be too young to have ever had these things myself if older people in my family didn't already have them. It's so weird to think people not much younger than me would have no idea what they are!

  4. ATARI!

    Heck some dont even know what an old school nintendo system looks like anymore...Mario 3 anyone?

  5. sanil,

    I think we're all actually too young to have used this stuff when it was new. But parents hang on to stuff! I remember my parents used to have the original Star Wars soundtrack on eight track. It never worked, but they had it, so I knew what it was.

  6. LK,

    I know. I'm beginning to feel *old*... lol...

  7. Ha, ha! Cute post! :-D

    I remember when Michael saw a manual roll-down window thing last year on a rental moving truck. He said, "Oh wow, I heard about these things before!" I know they are still around, but he'd just never got to see them in his (then) seven years on earth. :)


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