Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have just had a man, who I work with peripherally, hit on and flirt with me.

That is all.


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  2. 'Spose it's nice to feel attractive, like the work of getting in shape is paying off. On the other hand, do you really want anyone besides your husband looking at you that way?

  3. sanil,

    And now I must repost my own comment because I could not spell definitely.

    But, to the original point, definitely a Yay!

  4. Susanne,

    Thanks! And no, well, yes, inside, but mostly just busy at work. Holiday coming up and it makes trouble for weeks ahead and behind. :p

  5. caraboska,

    Yes, it does feel nice to have someone notice. Especially, I'm not going to lie, someone of the opposite sex.

    As for not wanting anyone but my husband looking at me like that...yes, I do want my husband to be the one to look at me like that. But, lacking a husband, it's not possible in one respect. And on the other hand, if I am dressed respectfully and modestly, and they still look, and I'm not doing anything to encourage them that is inappropriate, I can't really do anything about it, can I? I'm not saying that to be accusatory or defensive, but it's an honest question. No matter what we do, how we act or dress, we cannot control what other people think when they look at us.

  6. YAY!!!! Do you have a date!? Lol



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