Friday, August 27, 2010

Impulse Control Fail Win

I went to BAMM today to pick up the new issue of the SPN magazine (which I did, and am reading. well, not right this second, since even my multi-task skills fail at both typing on the comp, watching the tv, and reading all at once.). The plan was to walk straight back to the magazines, find my issue, and turn around and walk straight back to the register. Well, we all know that wasn't gonna happen...

Turns out, they were having a sale on audio books. And I am now the proud owner of three Jim Butcher books on cd! I got Captain's Fury, Small Favor, and Turn Coat for about $10 each, which since they're originally about $50 each? Yeah. Utter win.

They had a couple LKH audio books on sale too, for like $7, 8 bucks, but I didn't pick them up. I might go back for 'em though. I haven't made up my mind if I really want them or not.

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