Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Or, just, you know, whoever reads me...

I have discovered my kneecaps! While sitting down 'resting' a few moments ago, I realized that my knees now have these odd, curved protuberances in the middle. These things are hard, and move when I bend my legs. I submit, therefore, that they are, in fact, my kneecaps. It puzzles me, because they are so much smaller than I imagined they would be. I've had this image of 'big bones' for so long that the actual size of my bones is sort of surprising to me...

I had the same issue when, while laying down (at a different point, not just now), I poked myself in the hip, and discovered my hip bone. Though that surprise, really, was how far down it is, in relation to the surface of my body. Also, I think I've found my collar bones. Like, I'm not sure if other people can *see* them, but I can feel them. And I feel sort of strange going up to people and asking them if they can see my collar bones. I think that might come off as 'odd'...I can 'shrug' my shoulders, and there's this *dip* between the collar bone and the shoulder blade. A depression, if you'll allow...

Oh! Also, my spine! As in, run your hand over my lower back, and there's curve, dip, curve. And the curves are not fat! Well, not *entirely*. I don't have the back equivalent of a six pack or anything. But it's more not-fat (aka muscle) than fat. The upper back, not so much, yet. We're working on that, but there was more fat there to begin with, so, y'know.


  1. Wow, am very happy for you! Here's to that six-pack in the making! BTW my word verification is 'womon' :D

  2. Yippee! I'm happy for the kneecaps and collar bones making their appearances! :-)

  3. :D

    I love these updates. Congratulations!


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