Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*headdesk* Inception will eat my life...

My movie buddy and I have three points of contention:

1. We counted swear words on the third viewing. I counted five, starting with Arthur's 'asshole' on the train in Japan. She counted three, starting with a 'dammit' in Saito's palace when they were trying to steal from him.

2. She believes that Cobb, Arthur, and Eames all worked together before (true) and that we get told about it during to movie (false). She keeps referring to a scene in the van, which is the 'Mr. Charles' discussion, and Eames was clearly not in on that job, or he'd have known what it was and why it didn't work. But he didn't. So he wasn't. And I have the script to back me up here!

3. During the 'dream a little bigger, darling' scene, Eames whips a grenade launcher up. She insists that he took Arthur's rifle and turned it into the launcher. I say no, Arthur still had his rifle. Eames made the grenade launcher out of his gun. He's a Forger, so he can do this. Clearly. (We know they can change the dreams, because they do. They just try not to do it too often, because it will draw the projections and/or alert the subject that they're dreaming, and then they'll 'die'. This doesn't apply here, since the projections are already after them.)

These may only be solved when the bluray comes out (or I get the magically appearing thing that might magically become mine if I can find a blank dvd to give to someone I may or may not know).

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